The Best Government

There is a social struggle between those who favor one model of governance instead of another. Such as:

  • Elitist Focused. Those who are wealthy and powerful feel threatened by the suggestion that the wealth and power should be equally distributed – especially if their wealth and power is established through and maintained by the exploitation of others. The people in power may feel they are more educated, experience, and skilled for the job of governing.
  • Citizen Focused. Those who want a society built on principles of equality will attempt to dismantle any entity or system of governance where a small powerful minority control a majority. They believe that with quality education and accurate information, the people can govern themselves.

In reality, neither a dictatorship nor a democracy are inherently “better” in the outcomes they might produce for citizens. A monarchy or dictatorship run by someone who is competent and compassionate will produce better outcomes than a democracy where the citizens are selfish, lazy, and greedy. A nation with a majority of militant sectarian nationalistic imperialists might democratically vote in favor of going to war without provocation in order to extract resources from another nation.

For this reason, it’s necessary to study how each system of government can be optimized for the best results and then try to create the conditions that will help that kind of government flourish.